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Sheena is a new action adventure show filmed for syndicated television near Orlando, Florida. T.I.G.E.R.S. was chosen as the animal actor company to provide all of the more dangerous exotic animals like the leopards, lions, and elephant. We just finished filming the first year of Sheena, which was determined to be the number two new syndicated show of the year.

Staring the beautiful Gena Lee Nolin as the protector of the wilderness, Sheena is set in the wilds of Africa. Sheena was lost in the wild as a child and raised by the natives. There she learned the special talent of being able to shapeshift into whatever animal she wants as well as a half-human / half-animal called the Darak'Na. She has a special bond with nature and the animals and is able to understand the animals and their intentions.

T.I.G.E.R.S. has been able to provide some rare and beautiful animals to bring the African jungle to life. An elephant ramming into a bus, a leopard attacking a miner, a lion attacking a worker, these are just a few of the incredible shots we have been able to create with the help of our amazing animals.

Check out the video clips to see the animals in action! (realplayer required)


Lion with young girl

Elephant rams bus

Leopard morph

Lion attacks workers

Elephant morph

Leopard attack