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Multimedia: YouTube Videos

T.I.G.E.R.S. visits the Savannah Cheetah Foundation

Ashanti music video starring Bubbles the elephant

VH1: How do you chill?

Chillin’ consists of different things. Sometimes I like to just get in my bed, put the heat on at 90, have a nice Haagen Daz ice cream and watch Cartoon Network. Sometimes that’s chillin’. Sometimes it’s going to the beach and getting a nice bronze tan lying in the sun. It varies.

VH1: Not too different from the “Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)” video, really.

Ashanti: No. I usually don’t have the elephant there with me!

VH1: What’s the secret to riding an elephant?

Ashanti: The secret is digging your heels into the side of her stomach and just holding on with the muscles in your thighs because the skin shifts from side to side. It’s hard to keep your balance. Me and Bubbles got very acquainted. I was on her for about two or three hours. The next day I felt it. My thighs were like “Oh my God! I got to work out.”

VH1: Are you an animal person?

Ashanti: I guess so. Everyone got so mad at me when we rented a house in Miami. I left the back door open and a couple of lizards got in the house. Everyone was like “Kill it!” I was like, “No, don’t!” I put a cup over it and tossed them out.
Link to video on VH1

Hercules the liger

Watch the Human Chimp; includes information about the Liger hybrid about 2 minutes into clip