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The jaguar is very different from the leopard, though most people think they look alike. Jaguars have a much thicker head, neck and shoulders; they are blocky, solid and stolid (They are the pit bull of the big cat family). This thicker design of the jaguar gives them superior jaw strength which they use to their advantage. The use this advantage to feed on "hard-skinned" animals like turtles, tortoises, spectacled caimans, and other similar animals. The leopard on the other hand is much slimmer in design since they hunt softer skinned animals like gazelle.

Their personality differences are also night and day. The jaguar is as difficult as a male lion; they are extremely hard to read and very temperamental and aggressive as they get older. With the leopard, they are more laid back, but you always have to be on your toes since they are always planning to obtain objects they want.

Jaguars love water and leopards hate it. The jaguar swims all the time during its normal hunting activity due to the tropical location of its habitat. Jaguars now live in Central America and South America but they once ranged from South America to as far north as the territory now known as the United States. In fact it is thought that there are still wild jaguars in the far southern reaches of Mexico. Inca, our jaguar, shows you how much he loves swimming and relaxing at our home in Myrtle Beach. In fact, Inca has been so awe inspiring that he and some of his friends were featured in Tom Brakefield's book "Big Cats: Kingdom of Might."

Jaguar backpack

Young Inca

Chance relaxing at home

Chance relaxing on the set of the Schweppes commercial

Chance at home with Kheira

Chance on a cloudy day

Leopard hug

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